The Story (So far…)

Savour was founded to brew British Farmhouse beers that are truly reflective of the country in which they are made and it all started in a beautiful corner of South-West Scotland.

Farm beginnings

I (Sandy) was born and grew up the family farm near a small town called Sanquhar in South-west Scotland. Mum and Dad still run the farm which remains a huge part of family life.


I moved down to London in 2008, six weeks before the recession kicks in. Fast forward three years and thoroughly discontent with corporate life my wife Claire arranges a weekend trip to Belgium where I discover Farmhouse beers.


Traditionally brewed by farmers in winter as a light refreshing drink for the summer harvest, Farmhouse beers took me back to my childhood and a million miles away from life in London.



Backing British

Like all those involved with British agriculture the pressures of global trade and cheap imports are all too real. Britain is becoming increasingly reliant on imports and off shore manufacturing to the detriment of our own producers and manufacturers.


We believe that, as a country, we have the best resources, knowledge and experience to produce and manufacture the best products in the world.


Savour was founded on the belief that more needs to be done to promote British produce both at home and around the world. With our British Farmhouse beers we’re on a mission to promote British produce and show the world what makes Britain great!



Sandy Kirkpatrick, Founder & Creator