10 Reasons to Sign up to the Savour Beer Newsletter

One of our resolutions for 2015 is to maintain the, quite frankly, sublime journalistic copyrighting on all things beer in our monthly newsletter. You can sign up here and if you haven’t done so yet then I suggest asking yourself some serious questions regarding your actions over the past year.


If I haven’t convinced you yet (and let’s face it, I haven’t) here are just 10 reasons why you should sign up to our newsletter:


  1. It’s not spam
  2. It’s monthly (at the moment) so it won’t clog up your inbox
  3. Its beer related and let’s face it, what could be better?
  4. You will instantly probably become more attractive
  5. Pound for pound you’ll get more pleasure from it than reading 50 Shades of Grey
  6. Nelson Mandela, on his death bed, said not signing up was the thing he regretted most in life
  7. The stars shine brighter at night after reading it
  8. Supposedly it makes you a better swimmer (but I’ve no reason as to why and cant back it up with any tangible medical or scientific evidence)
  9. Did I mention that it is about beer?
  10. It’s about beer


So what are you waiting for? Sign up here and if I have to give you one more reason then that reason would be beer!





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