The Art of Sabrage

Last week we set about answering one of life’s big questions – can you saber a bottle of our Sparkling Beer? Click here to see the answer. Following on from this we thought it best to explain the Sabrage method and show you how to do it.

To open a bottle of Sparkling beer (or wine) using the Sabrage method you will need the following:


  • One cold bottle of Sparkling beer or wine (as cold as possible)
  • One large chef’s knife (the bigger the better) or Saber if you have one!
  • Glasses to pour the beer into after opening
  • A cloth to wipe up any spillage


Here is our video explaining the Sabrage method:


Done properly there will be no shards of glass in your drink as the pressure inside the bottle will force any glass outwards. It’s relatively simple and a great party trick to add that much needed excitement to dinner parties. I won’t insult your intelligence by saying that when you mix glass and pressure things can go wrong so please use a good load of common sense and follow the instructions in the video.

Most of all though, have fun and enjoy!




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