Beer, Brewing and Benevolence

I was due a well-earned rest and like any self-respecting brewer, we headed to Belgium for a weekend of drinking beer and…well that’s it really. Belgium is a rather unassuming place with most people passing straight through to access northern Europe. Take time to stop or scratch beneath the surface and it is a flourishing little nation with a rich culture and diverse history.

Rochefort 190

As for beer, Belgium is the world super power. With over 160 breweries crammed into this small country they have a much deserved reputation for variety and exceptional quality. They export over 60% of their beer production and ship with it the inspiration for brewers the world over. If you’re one of those people who claim they don’t like beer then I urge you to visit Belgium as I can guarantee you just haven’t found the right one.

Here is a video of our trip to Bruges in December 2014:



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