Is this the best beer bar in Belgium?

Ok, so I know I have a love affair with Belgian style beer but where’s best to drink it? The one place that I look forward to visiting time and time again is De Garre. Yes there are more famous drinking dens in Belgium and there are bars with much larger beer offering but this place, for me, stands head and shoulders above the rest. (I will declare that I have never been to Antwerp so if there are any great bars there I would love to hear about them!).


The alleyway leading to De Garre

Notoriously difficult to find, this tiny beer café is situated off Breidelstraat and accessed through an unassuming gated entrance (A garre is a small blind alley usually built as a fire exit). Split across three levels, De Garre is remembered for its understated interior of exposed brickwork, wooden tables and low lighting. The building gives the impression of a place that has chosen not to move with the times, remaining much the same since it was built.


Bar on the second floor

The beer list of 130 is excellent and what it lacks in quantity, it most certainly makes up for in quality. The main reason most people visit De Garre is for its lethal house beer from Van Steenberge. The beautiful, smooth Tripel coming in at 11% ABV, served in the most delightful balloon glass is the perfect nightcap for any occasion. Served with the house cheese on a cold winters evening, De Garre is one of the best settings to experience beer anywhere in Belgium.


The famous De Garre house beer

Food – cheese and meat platters

Notes – accepts credit cards


De Garre – 1 De Garre, Breidelstraat, Bruges


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