The Best Christmas Beers to drink this festive season

With so much emphasis on wine over the festive season, beer unfortunately struggles to gain much attention. Christmas is a special time of the year and deserves something special to toast with family and friends. With so many fantastic beers perfectly suited to Christmas, we thought we’d give you a helping hand on what Christmas beers to be drinking on the big day.


Start things off with a bang (or pop!)

Luxurious, elegant and classy, Champagne-style beers are a great way to kick start Christmas day! What are Champagne-style beers I hear you say? Well, check out this article explaining the style in more detail. Here are a couple to try:

  • Malheur Bier Brut – the original Bier Brut. Light, beautifully balanced and effervescent, this beer is a fantastic match for those blini’s at breakfast. £17.60/750ml from Beer Merchants
  • Savour Sparkling Beer Brut – The British version created in conjunction with an award winning English Sparkling Wine producer. Full bodied, rich and effervescent, this beer makes for a perfect start to the festivities! £18/750ml from Beer Hawk

 Sparkling Beer

Starter for 10

Once the family have arrived and everyone is settled in, don’t automatically reach for the bottle of wine. Here are a couple of great beers to match with that smoked salmon or prawn starter.

  • Dupont Saison – light refreshing and packed full of flavour, Saisons are a fantastic match to smoked salmon. This fantastic example from Brasserie Dupont combines a spicy, peppery aroma and racing adicity to perfectly match that delicate starter dish. £1.85/330ml from Beer Merchants
  • Windsor & Eton Republika Lager – Real Lagers (not the industrial brewed nonsense) are another great match for light salads or fish dishes. They really don’t come better that this clear, crisp and flavourful example from Windsor and Eton Brewery. £2.50/330ml from Beer Merchants


The Main Event

OK, now I’m really going to have to work hard to pull you away from that bottle of French red but bear with me! The two main advantages beer has over wine are carbonation and bitterness. Belgian style Dubbel’s and IPA’s fit the bill perfectly so here are two great beers to enjoy with your turkey:

  • Rochefort 8 – This world class Dubbel ale delivers an aroma of dark fruits and spices which compliments the potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce and the bird itself. The typically high carbonation will leave you mouth refreshed and longing for the next mouthful. £3.10/330ml from Beer Merchants
  • Harbour IPA – Known for their huge hop aromas and big bitterness, this IPA delivers on both fronts. The powerful bitterness has the ability to cut through fats and heavy dishes leaving your mouth refreshed. At only 5.0% ABV means you can have more than one which is always a bonus! £2.00/500ml from Saisnburys

 Bush Noel

Christmas Pudding

With wine notoriously difficult to match with chocolate dishes this is where beer really comes to the fore. Depending on your choice of pudding, the Christmas pudding beer pairings can range from a Belgian Kriek to an Imperial Stout. Here are just two to try:

  • Boon Kriek Mariage Parfait – An excellent example of a cherry Lambic, this beer is fruity, acidic and a perfect match for cheesecake or Eton mess. £6.49/375ml from Beers of Europe
  • Nogne Imperial Stout – Chocolaty, roasty and just enough balance between hop bitterness and malt sweetness, this beer is perfect accompaniment to Christmas pudding. £5.99/500ml from Beer Hawk.

 St Bernardus Christmas

One for the Eastenders Christmas Special

Brewing in Belgium wouldn’t be the same without the fantastic selection of Christmas beers on offer during the festive season. Cinnamon, liquorice, star anise and many more spices get added making a perfect nightcap by the fire as the weather does its worst outside. Here are just two Christmas beers to try:

  • Bush Noel – not for the faint hearted at 12% ABV but an absolute must for anyone looking for Christmas in a glass. Rich, complex with spices aplenty, this beer is an absolute must at Christmas. £3.99/330ml from Beer Hawk (only available for 6 weeks at Christmas).
  • St Bernardus Christmas Ale – another Belgian classic delivering fruits and festive spices on the nose and a rich, caramel finish. £7.69/750ml from Beers of Europe.

Merry Christmas from everyone at Savour Beer!


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