Savour Saison

Our award winning Saison beer is brewed to epitomise balance, complexity and refreshment. Looking to the origins of the style where Saisons were brewed by farmers in the winter months for drinking during the summer months, we have taken this Saison back to its farmhouse roots (quite literally as the video was filmed on my parents farm in Scotland!) and then we’ve put our own stamp on this Belgian classic.

Our 5.0% Saison is brewed using Pale, Crystal and Vienna malts, Northern Brewer hops for the bittering and Crystal hops for the aroma. We add fresh lemongrass at the end of the boil and then again during fermentation to give the beer a beautiful citrus element. The beer is then bottle conditioned on Champagne yeast to create a smooth and luxurious finish.

Here is our video explaining a little bit more about our Saison beer:



Our Saison is designed to be balanced, refreshing and full of flavour. We hope you like it as much as the guys at the Guild of Fine Food do! Submit your thoughts below.



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