When Savour met Dogfish Head

It’s not every day that you meet a ‘celebrity’ of the brewing world so please forgive me for telling you about it!


Wednesday 3rd April saw the unveiling of the Wells & Young and Dogfish Head collaboration brew DNA at the Dukes Head in Putney. There to lead the proceeding were Wells and Young’s international Brew Master Jim Robertson with founder and President of Dogfish Head brewery, Sam Calagione.


The collaboration brew was described as “a marriage of East Coast USA and East Anglican UK brewing styles” and it didn’t fail to deliver. A traditional English malt base followed up but some big, citrus hop flavours provided by a reduction of the Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA.


Luckily Sam also brought some Dogfish beers, many of which aren’t readily available in the UK including 120 Minute IPA, Burton Baton and Sixty-One: a beer only recently released in US. Interesting, off-centred and exceptional as ever.


Anyone with an interest in brewing or beer has at some point read Sam’s book Brewing Up A Business and I am no different. Having taken a huge amount of inspiration from the book, it was great to meet the man in person. And what a genuinely nice chap! As someone who has been there, done it and got some many t-shirts he could put Topshop out of business, his feet remain firmly on the ground. He made an effort to talk with every single person in the room and was genuinely in what everyone had to say. No egos or self-interest in sight. The way it should be.


Here is Sandy and Sam chatting over some 120 Minute IPA:


An inspirational, aspirational and hugely enjoyable evening.

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