The 5 Best Beer and Brewing Books

On starting Savour, I read a lot of books. Too many in fact but hindsight is a great thing. There were books about the business side of things; branding, marketing, start-ups and there were those about brewing. As you can imagine, the books about brewing were the most enjoyable to read and I wanted to share with you the five best beer and brewing books. So here we go…


  1. Yeast – Chris White and Jamil Zainasheff


If you really want to understand the most crucial component in making beer then this is the book for you. Part of the Brewers Association Brewing Elements Series, Yeast is the definitive guide to yeast and beer fermentation suitable for both the home brewer and professional. The book provides loads of sound information including yeast science, fermentation techniques and tips on working with numerous different yeast strains. It has the tendency to get very technical at times but allows the reader to dip in and out depending what they want to get from the book. Also available in the series are books on water, malt and hops.



£14.88 from Amazon


  1. Brew like a Monk – Stan Hieronymus


One for the Belgian beer fans amongst us! Brew like a monk lifts the shroud of mystery surrounding some of the best beers in the world. Stan Hieronymus looks into the history, brewing process and ingredients of these unique ales along with modern examples of the styles. The book outlines recipes, ingredients and tips on how to brew these beers yourself.


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£14.99 from Amazon


  1. The Brewers Apprentice


More of a coffee table book with lots of lovely pictures but with loads of great advice and tips on how to brew just about every style of beer out there. As the name suggests, it is aimed more at the novice brewer and provides very good explanations of terminology, beer styles and ingredients. Each chapter has an interview with a brewer specialising in the style and provides a great insight into what it takes to commercially brew that particular style.



£16.99 from Amazon


  1. The Brewmasters Table – Garrett oliver


If you want to discover the pleasures of real food with real beer then look no further. A ground breaking book written by Garrett Oliver (the Robert Parker of beer), The Brewmasters Table broke the general perception that you drink wine at the dinner table. This book outlines why beer is as good, and in many cases better, at matching with food than wine. Written in Oliver’s laidback style, the looks at the different brewing cultures and styles around the world offering the best foods to pair with them. Tips on the ‘science’ of matching beer with food are also provided.



£9.99 from Amazon


  1. Good Beer Guide to Belgium – Tim Webb & Joe Stange


An absolute must have for any beer fan. The brewers of Belgium produce some of the most diverse beer styles in the world and are the inspiration for brewers the world over. The beer guide documents every beer and brewer in Belgium along with a rating system to show what’s hot and what’s not. Sections include the best places to try them and more general information about getting there, accommodation and buying beer in Belgium is also provided. The Good Beer Guide to Belgium highlights why the Belgians are still the world champions of beer.



£13.48 from Amazon





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