A Massive Thank-you…

It’s not often I publically speak out about such topics but now is as good a time as any.


Nobody ever starts a business on their own and there are plenty of people I should credit with helping me so far. There is one person however who provides a level of support so often overlook in the starting and running of a business. That person is my wife Claire.


Behind the products, the branding, the marketing there is a very human element to any business. All good businesses are built on the foundations of good products and behind each good product there are great people. Very little is ever said about the human side of business and the psychological element is all too easily overlooked when you’re busy crunching the numbers and making the calls.


By far one of the most difficult elements I have encountered, and one which is so vitally important, is the psychological side of starting a business. The highs and, more applicably, the lows of failure, rejection and my mistakes is something I could never have imagined. In those times you need someone to support you and tell you it’ll be OK. It could be a business partner, mentor, friend or family member but there has to be someone there for support and to convince you to keep going when all else seems impossible.


In my case it’s Claire and I will openly admit having trouble to put into words how much support she has given me over the last two years in particular. It is fair to say however that I wouldn’t be here without her. I knew it wasn’t going be an easy journey but I would never have imagined the reality of just how difficult it would be. When times have been tough in the past (and when they come in the future as I’m sure they will) it’s reassuring to know Claire will be there and for that I must thank her.


Whilst these words cannot even begin to describe the help and support she has given me so far I hope that they will, at the very least, acknowledge what she has contributed to Savour. On that note I would like to say a massive thank-you to Claire for all she has given and continues to give. All that has been achieved so far is as much down to you as it is me.


For those of you that know her or have met her you’ll appreciate she is an incredible person with more talent than she gives herself credit for. Even after reading this I hope she will continue to be my head beer taster, women behind the camera and overall believer in me and Savour. I know it’s not been easy but without you I couldn’t have done it.


As I raise a glass, here is a fitting picture of my favourite person in the world drinking my favourite beer in the world! Thanks Claire…




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