The Anatomy of Beer

Characteristics of beer

The skilful combination of water, malt, hops and yeast can produce a hugely complex array of flavours. Beer is best consumed when using as many of your senses as possible to appreciate its full character. Here are just a few flavour characteristic you can experience in our beers:

  • Bitterness – the essential counter weight to sweetness. Bitterness is predominately achieved through the addition of hops but can come from roasted and specialty malts
  • Sweetness – Sweetness is a result of unfermentable sugars present in malted barley and helps generate ‘body’ in beer. Perceived sweetness can also be linked to bitterness, carbonation and serving temperature
  • Aroma – Fruity, herbal, spicy, floral, and earthy, the aromatics of great beer are virtually limitless. Malt, hops, yeast and aromatics all contribute to the aroma of our beer and it is hugely important to the flavour. This dazzling array of aromatics makes it easy to see why beer has so much to offer food
  • Carbonation – Not specifically a ‘flavour’ but a hugely important characteristic in any beer. On the nose it helps lift and accentuate the aroma right out of the glass and in the finish, cleanses and restores your palate