Our Beer

Burnt caramel, spices and time

Looking to the farmhouse ales of Northern France this Dubbel beer is brewed using five specialty malts and just enough hops for balance.


Burnt caramel and dark fruits on the nose give way to a rich and slightly dry malt finish. Best consumed after aging (guarding) in the cellar for a few months.


  • The Nose: Burnt caramel and dark fruits
  • The Palate: Smooth malt presence balanced with a delicate hop bitterness
  • The Finish: Slightly dry with spices, fruits and a warming intensity


  • Malt: Pale, Crystal, Wheat, Special B, Cafara and Chocolate
  • Hops: Willamette, Bramling Cross and Rakau
  • Yeast: House Strain
  • Additions: Burnt Caramel

  • ABV: 7.0%
  • OG: 1.067
  • FG: 1.014
  • IBU’s: 35

Available in 330ml bottles and 30L Keykeg

The diverse range of flavours makes this beer hugely rewarding to pair with food. Treat it like a good red wine and let the flavours of the beer and food come together in your mouth. Pairs best with:


  • Gamy red meats including lamb and duck
  • Dark, fruity chocolate desserts
  • Strong cheese