A Man Called John Lewis

You’ve most likely heard of a department store called John Lewis who love British produce and is now strangely famous for Christmas adverts. If you haven’t then please ask yourself where you’ve been and what you have been doing?


Not only do John Lewis love British produce but they also love British beer which is why they have chosen two Savour Beer gift packs to be stocked in all their stores across this great country!

Our 3x330ml gift pack will include a bottle of our core range Blonde, Saison and Dubbel beers whilst the Sparkling gift pack will include a bottle of our 2016 vintage Sparkling Beer Brut. All unfiltered, unpasteurised and bottle conditioned for maximum flavour!

John Lewis 2

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P.s. Make sure you tweet @johnlewisretail otherwise you’ll be tweeting a guy in America who gets loads of tweets about the department store and gets really pissed off, especially around Christmas!

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